How to download your pics! 

Yahoo! You've got the email that your photos and your ready to download! But how?! I will guide you step-by-step on how to access and download these images correctly for the best quality!

Hannah Ruth Photography

Step 1 : 

Open up the email from Hannah Ruth Photography! It should look something like the photo below. The Email will include you 4-Digit PIN number. 

Step 2 :

Click the Green "View Photos" Button: {Circled in red} 

Step 3 :

Your Gallery Link will Open!! Click the Link that says "Open" or you can scroll down to view your gallery :) Its that simple! :) 

Ok... So How do you save/download you pictures? 

Option 1 : 

Phone or Mobile Device - Once you click the Download Icon, the image will open in a new window, simply select "OK" to move on. Then you will hold, or press down on the image on your phone, until the "Save Image" message box appears. 

Once you select Save Image, the image will be saved directly to your mobile device’s camera roll. You can continue this process for every other image they wish to download, but they will only need to enter the PIN and email address the first time. 

Option 2 : 

Computer or PC - For Gallery Download, this is located at the top right corner of the gallery. {As shown in picture below}

For Single Photo Download, simply click on the Download Icon on the image

You will receive Gallery Download in a .zip file format, in which you can extract to get the .jpg files inside. Single Photo Download will save the .jpg file to the computer directly. 

Questions? Keep Scrolling down! :) 

Hannah Ruth Photography
Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 5.46.59 PM.png

Step 4 :

Enter your email & the 4 number PIN provided in Step 1. For example, the PIN for Brianna & Stephen is 5649. 

Step 5 : 

Choose how you want to download your gallery.. I would recommend High Res, but honestly I have not seen much a different between the two in quality myself. 

Step 6 : 

This step may take a few minute, be patient!! Click on the link that pops up and wait for it to download! 

Once the download is complete You will receive your Gallery Download in a .zip file format, in which you can extract to get the .jpg files inside. This will be found in your downloads. I would suggest re-naming it & dragging it to your desktop.

A box may, or may or may not pop up asking you if you want to save you images. If so, check "Save File" and click "OK" (If the box did not appear, your photos probably downloaded automatically to your computers "Downloads" folder, under "My Computer".) 

Right Click the Zip File, and Open then File :) When the folder is unzipped, a new window with a folder called "highlights" will appear. Double click the folder la~la.... your session will open. Enjoy and Cherish for a lifetime! 



Hannah Ruth Photography

I hope this Step - by - Step guide helps you with your Gallery! I am excited for you to share & save your beautiful photos! :)


For more questions either email me or check out their website @