1. Will you {Hannah Ruth} be the Photographer at our wedding? Yes! Unless discussed otherwise at time of appointment.

  2. Do you have a back up photographer in case of an emergency? Absolutely! Although this has NEVER happened {Knock on wood}, I am prepared incase anything does! You will be notified in advance if anything occurs. But don’t worry.. you will still be happy!!

  3. Do you have back up equipment? Yes! I have plenty of backup equipment including three high end Canon camera bodies and multiple lenses, flashes and more.

  4. Do you back up your images? YES!! My biggest fear is losing someone’s wedding portraits or anything along those lines! First my cameras have dual memory cards so I make a backup as I shoot. When I import your images to my Mac, they are saved to a Drobo raid system which keeps them safe.  They are also backed up using a cloud service just incase something catastrophic happens locally.

  5. How long until I receive my images after the weeding? 4-6 weeks. If I can get them done any sooner, you will be notified and will receive the images! I take a total of about 1000-2000 pictures per wedding, and choose an average of 500-1000 images to edit and present to you for viewing.

  6. Do you edit all of the images I receive? All the images you receive will have color and lighting adjustments, you can select some to have more extensive touchups such as face smoothing or removing people from a background. Photography is an art for me, and making that image picture perfect is my goal, and my passion. My photography represents who I am, and the business I run. I use the most updated software and equipment, and my work reflects that!

  7. How long have you been doing photography? I have been doing photography professionally now for about 8 years! I have done lots of weddings, big and small. I have a minor in Photography at Coastal Carolina University and a major in Art. 

  8. Do you offer engagement, bridal shower, or “trash the dress” sessions? Absolutely! I love it because it gives me an opportunity to be around the bride and/or groom before the wedding, and catch up! I love all kinds of shoots and offer just about anything with an addition charge! Any questions or interests, just ask I can quote you on the spot for a price, and we can set up a date!

  9. Do you offer a second shooter? Yes if you feel the need to have a second shooter {For example, one with the bride while she is getting dressed, and one with the groom} then there will be a small additional charge added to your contract. Second shooters are highly recommended if you are having a large wedding, that way one person can be in two places at once! All second shooters are professional friends of mine, and we get a long great! I started out as a second shooter and love to offer people that same opportunity! Most of my wedding packages include this! 

  10. What if my wedding runs longer than planned, is there an additional charge? And will you stay? If the wedding runs longer, of course I will stay, although there will be an additional charge. Depending on the hours extended, the prices can be discussed at the time of the contract, or event. Average per hour ranges around $200.

  11. What packages do you offer? I offer just about anything! Depending on your budget, we will hopefully come to a price we both can agree on! We will talk about this at the time of the appointment, and come up with a conclusion!

  12. Do you bring any props?? Good Question! I will always have a couple in my car, but don’t always pull them out unless requested!! I will deff ask you at time of appointment, but ill admit… I’m a corn ball, so if you want props.. don’t be scared to mention that!

  13. Do you travel for weddings? Absolutely!! There will be additional travel prices that will be clearly discussed when talking with you.

  14. How do I Book you for my Wedding? Lets meet! Planning a wedding is hard enough, so I would love to sit down with you and show you my work, my plan, my ideas and answer any questions you have for your big day! If you are not in the area, I would love to Skype or talk on the phone, whatever is best for you. 

  15. How can I make a downpayment for my wedding? And what is the downpayment?  A third of the payment is due to hold your special day! The second payment will be 90 days before the wedding, and the final payment is 30 days before your wedding! Your online payment will be sent to you along with your contract. 

  16. What types of payment do you take? Payments accepted by check, credit cards, cash or an online payment system. 

  17. What If it rains on my wedding day? I’ve always heard rain is a good thing on your wedding day! We can either make the best of the rain, get a little wet, or we can meet up within a couple days after your wedding, when the weather is better! I wouldn’t mind at all. This is your BIG day and my responsibility as a photographer is to give you the photos you’ve always dreamed of :) 

I hope this page of Hannah Ruth Wedding Photography FAQ has been helpful.